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The Almighty!


“At this my heart pounds
and leaps from its place.
Listen! Listen to the roar of His voice,
to the rumbling that comes from His mouth.
He unleashes His lightning beneath the whole heaven
and sends it to the ends of the earth.
After that comes the sound of His roar;
He thunders with His majestic voice.
When His voice resounds,
He holds nothing back.
God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
He does great things beyond our understanding.”

Job 37: 1-5 


I work in a Non-Govt Organization in India. I am married and blessed with a beautiful wife by my side. I like to write articles and "Words" are my toys... I love playing with "Toys" I mean "Words". :P I had started a movement against human trafficking through a page called, 'Stop Human Trafficking' and wish all to join with me to create awareness against this social evil. I am a Motivational Counselor and am good at building self esteem. I love to help others those who are in need of a friend, a brother, a guide... Despite of everything that I had achieved in my life, I still prefers to be 'A Learner' through out my life.

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